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About Cylin

Cylin Cosmetic Sdn. Bhd. is Malaysia's local skincare GMP manufacturer certified in 2006. We are professional in the services of OEM, and ODM for start-up entrepreneurs, beauty salons, aesthetic clinics, E-commerce sellers, and export businesses. 

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Professional Details

Why selecting Cylin as your business partner?

Experienced Formulator

Cylin Cosmetic has our own professional skincare, body care, and hair care formulator team, which is able to formulate and create unique formulations based on different customers' needs. Within these decades, formulators in Cylin Cosmetic had created at least 7000 different formulations.

A to Z Services

Cylin Cosmetic provides A to Z OEM services, which include customizing formulation, submission of product-related documentation, suggesting suitable packaging and related supplier, manufacturing and filling, and providing and teaching product related skincare information and knowledge.

Entrepreneur Friendly

Cylin Cosmetic value entrepreneurship and start-up business. Cylin Cosmetic offers a lower Minimum Order Quantity for entrepreneurs with passion and great ideas, which lowers the entry level for entrepreneurs to step into the beauty and skincare-related field.

Our services

In Cylin Cosmetic Sdn. Bhd., we are focusing on skincare OEM services. As we mentioned above, we have our experienced formulator team which can create a unique product based on customers' needs, ideas, and expectations. 

 What are the differences between our services and others? 

  1. We support entrepreneurship, especially entrepreneurs with a passion for the skincare field. Therefore, we provide lower MOQ for startup entrepreneurs.

  2. Fast and efficient sampling, manufacturing, filling, and delivery services. We did our job at an efficient and high accuracy rate when our customer had their idea, packaging, and documentation ready.

  3. Multilingual, as Malaysia is a multicultural country, and we provide multilingual services. Our marketing team and formulators are able to communicate in Mandarin, English, Bahasa Melayu, and Hokkien.

  4.  Supporting, those who wanted to start up their own brand but had no source or ideas on how to submit related documentation, where to purchase packaging, where to silk print the packaging or purchase stickers, and so on. In Cylin Cosmetic, we got your back and our team will provide all the related information you need in your entrepreneurship.

  5. Trend catcher, we pay high attention to trending products globally and locally.

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