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OEM Hair Products & Shampoo Manufacturer in Malaysia

Meet Cylin Cosmetic, a leading hair product and shampoo manufacturer in Malaysia where we specialize in developing OEM hair products and OEM shampoo. It is our pledge to create exceptional hair care products that restore and protect your hair’s health, and optimize its appearance.

At Cylin, we know that it does not matter whether we are producing confectionery or drinks, the ingredients used and the formulations we apply do matter. Our wide portfolio of OEM hair products in Malaysia consists of some of the most popular products and OEM shampoo of the brand, namely cool scaling shampoo, extra delicate shampoo, grow intense shampoo, hair oil, intense hair serum, and intensive repair hair mask. All these products are meant for individuals with different hair types as well as those who have particular issues they want solved to maintain healthy hair that is easy to manage and looks great.

As your innovation partner in the hair care industry, Cylin brings forth usable solutions to complement the vision of your brand. Undertaking a new line or extending your range, our OEM shampoo in Malaysia is made to one of the highest quality and performance levels. Contact us now and let us present to you with all the product options!

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