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OEM Skin Care Product Manufacturer Company in Malaysia

Discover Cylin Cosmetic, your trusted partner as an OEM skin care manufacturer in Malaysia. Our company is focused on creating high-end skin care products that are safe, effective, and of the best quality. Our skin care line comprises facial cleanser, face serums, beauty mask, essential oil, and many more, each developed with the best ingredients for different skin concerns.

At Cylin Cosmetic, we always prioritize transparency in all of our operations to gain the trust of our customers. Having production bases with advanced equipment, we are able to develop OEM skincare in Malaysia with new formulations and products of high quality that customers are satisfied with. Whether you are focusing on the development of a new range of products or expanding on to a new line of bespoke formulations, we provide OEM skin care products in Malaysia to help improve your brand.

With a focus on expertise and innovation, Cylin Cosmetic stands as a top-tier OEM skin care company. We focus on high-quality and improved raw materials guaranteeing the products’ efficacy and satisfaction among consumers in this regard. Partner with us today and rely on us as one of the best players in the industry where we do business in accordance to the market tendencies without compromising professionalism.

8 in 1 Multi-Benefit BB Cream
Acne gel
Acne Scar Serum (Watery)
Acne Toner
Active Treatment Concentrate
Age Recovery Cream