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Leading OEM Essential Oil Manufacturer in Malaysia

Discover the beauty of nature with Cylin Cosmetic, a premier OEM essential oil manufacturer in Malaysia. We are experts in manufacturing essential oil products that are natural, undiluted absolutes and CO2 extracts of plants, providing you the truest representation of the plant’s aroma for use in therapies, skincare, and aromatics.

Cylin’s core competence is in creating premium quality beauty products, which includes essential oils that hold multiple functions in terms of the therapeutic and aromatic purposes. Every oil is carefully extracted to maintain the high standards of purity and strength. Using our products, you will have the opportunity to enhance your mind and body with natural remedies and relaxation. Our stock of OEM essential oils is quite diverse and covers all aspects starting from relaxation for stress down to the revitalizing nature.

As a leading essential oil manufacturer in Malaysia, we offer customizable solutions to meet your brand’s specific requirements. Whether in creating a new product line or how to upgrade your current product line, our team ensures quality and standard. This policy assures the client that every essential oil that is manufactured with the company will be of top-notch quality, therefore achieving optimal results.

Contact us today and experience the exclusivity of our superabsorbent essential oils for promoting wellness and tranquility to your brand. Or check out our other quality products such as cleanser, serum, facial mask, and etc for more information.

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